In the mighty decade of the 3 zeros, we need to do better in terms of friendships.

As children, we started out as playmates, having a lot in common such as running around, riding bikes, playing in the sand, eating ice cream and doing so many things with little or no worries.

In our teens, we made friends at school, football buddies, chemistry study buddies, cheer leading squad and so many others. In college, we had dorm mates, study buddies, boy/girlfriends, social friends.

In our twenties, it was graduation period and new jobs, so we made friends with co workers who fit the bill or met new friends at social events.

Have you already noticed that the pool just got smaller?

In our thirties, most people have either become professionals, married or parents. This leaves a small window for constant friendships.
So what type of friendships do we need these days?

In this decade, improvements in lifestyle is very important. Choosing friends in this age is also critical.

We need friends who push us to do better and also live lifestyles worth emulating. So if you hang out with people who only live for Friday nights at the club and the weekend partying, you will end up being like them. If you make friends with people who are always looking to invest of come up with start up opportunities, you will most likely be inclined to do the same. No one associates with failures. Associate with people who have a positive, influential mindset. The ones who push you to further your education for career success and personal development. The ones who will pull a few people to invest in a business or come through with a start up.

If one of your friends is like a flat tire in your life, you need to pump up a new one.


The people that you gossip with most of the time are not loyal.

Have you ever had that one friend you tell everything to?

You trust that friend with the best of your secrets and then one day something happens and you find out that they have been talking about you. You find out because the report is coming back to you from the person they were gossiping about you with.

It is also funny how the story becomes embellished and they leave out details of the things that they actually said.

We should be careful about what we say to people because you never know what will be said or how it will come back to you. Lately I have learned not to even talk about my personal life with anyone except my brother and a few trusted people. I just keep things surface and only tell people what I feel they need to know which is something that if it was told to someone else I would be comfortable.

The rate at which people tell stories these days in order to be famous is really disgusting.

Some of the people we call our “friends” may not really like us.

Also remember that if the gossip with you, they will also gossip about you.