Having been in some short term unserious relationships after believing the relationship would go somewhere or the man would change.  Here are signs, that he is not serious and you need to move on without even thinking about it.

  1. When he wants to be discreet: When he is not serious about you, he wants to keep things on the low because he is keeping his options open. That is a red flag.
  2. When the conversations are about meeting up and having sex, there is no depth in the conversation, there is no talk about the future or even building each other up to be better. The relationship is going down a one way street.
  3. Unemployment: A man who believes in building a future with a family in it will always try to be employed or have a source of income because it shows responsibility. When he is not serious, he doesn’t care if he works or not, he just languishes, wasting his time, also wasting your time.
  4. It takes complaining for him to do nice things for you, when a man is serious about you, he wont have to wait for you to ask for anything, he will do and give freely because it is his way of making you happy.
  5. He should be accountable: Meet his friends and his family, know the type of people he surrounds himself with. Find the people who hold him accountable. A man who is not accountable to anyone is a dangerous man.
  6. No respect for boundaries; If he does not respect your boundaries, it will be the beginning of a long and overwhelming relationship.


  1. That unemployment part is a serious deal breaker for me. How do you want to plan a future when you don’t have a dollar to your name?



  2. Low self esteem made me stay with a man who wanted me to be discreet while he had other women in his life. He wasn’t the one.



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