Happy New Year Trybe

Positive Vibes Only in 2018.

So……. I am starting my first post of the year as a piece that has provoked my thoughts. This H & M Issue with the boy wearing a shirt with the inscription “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”.

H & M has received fire and brimstone for the advertising and marketing strategy and they have issued an apology.

Yesterday, the mother of the boy took to social media to write that she sees no problem with the shirt and I agree with her. When I first saw the story on TV, I saw nothing wrong with the shirt, its a “young boy’s” shirt, a child of any race could have worn it, if the shirt was not used on the advertising campaign and was placed on the rack for sale, a child of any race, including a black child could have bought the shirt and worn it to school or anywhere else.

We live in a world today where people are so sensitive and also feel entitled to get offended by anything. I just remembered something that happened about three years ago.

I joined “Women Living Well” on Instagram. It is a page for Bible study where you do Bible journaling while reading a chapter in the Bible everyday. I thought the concept was dope so i joined. I told a friend about it and she was excited. So while journaling, there are certain colors you use

For instance

Purple- God, Holy Spirit,

Red- love, kindness, mercy,peace, grace

Orange- prophecy, history, times, places ,kings,oaths,

“Brown/Gray- Satan, sin, hell, death,idols, false teachers, hypocrisy, temptation”

Now my friend got into the color brown, and the first thing that came out of her mouth was ” Oh no, since they are white women, they must be racist” I asked her why she said that.”Why is every bad thing supposed to be highlighted in brown?” I asked what was wrong with brown. She said every bad thing is attributed to  “black/brown people such as sin, death,hell”

In that light she raised my awareness to something that would never have crossed my mind. I didn’t like that form of awareness because a study that is supposed to be relaxing and also informative would now feel overwhelming because I have to worry about why White folks decided to use brown for every negative thing. I replied. “Then change the color, you don’t have to use brown if you are not comfortable with it”

She got upset that I didn’t see things they way she saw them, I understood where she was coming from but it actually defeated the whole purpose of the study. It was taking away from the value of the study not adding to it.

The story I told just highlights how some people read meaning into things that are not relevant. The world has decided to make words offensive because some people say so.

We don’t have to make what is wrong for someone wrong for ourselves. Don’t allow the media to put fear and hate into us. It is sad that there is so much hate in the world and especially towards black people but in our own way let us not always get quickly offended and see how it works. Your reaction matters. Everyone and everything external will get at you, it is how you respond to it that matters.

A chic told me she would stop shopping at H & M. Its funny how people are quick to use controversy to stop patronizing. The “racist” shirt was not handed to them to buy, they were not at gun point to buy the shirt, its a choice, a white kid or an Asian kid could have bought the short, anyone else could have bought the shirt. Africans also joined in the whole saga giving their one cent to the matter, meanwhile the boy’s mom is unmoved. I read some comments that the boy’s mother had been bought by H & M and so she sees nothing wrong. She sees nothing wrong because there is nothing wrong.

There are so many issues that people instantly have felt offended by,

“Mothers breastfeeding in public” is the one that beats me the most. Breast feeding is natural and some people will still offended by it. The best thing is just to do you… Everything else will fall into place. Positive vibes only.


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