There is this crazy thing that men do,

I absolutely loathe it.

I guess when you are in your twenties, like early twenties, its not as crazy to do as when you are in your thirties.

I scratch that, it is absolutely not acceptable at all.

So when i scrolled across this tweet on Twitter, I\ had to have the writer make her words “scream” louder, especially for the men  in the back.

Maybe its because i am a straightforward person

But there is this thing that some men do, that I don’t like.

He will approach a lady with the “intentions” of having a relationship or better still marriage.

Then he hits and runs.

So he will spend days, weeks and months on the phone, buy roses and expensive gifts, dates, travel, just create a facade.

After “securing the bag” or rather “getting the cookies”, his behavior changes and before long he is gone. WHY??

I think it also stems from the fact that women like being told only what they want to hear, some women cannot or would not sign up for the “f buddy contract”, it wont even be considered, so to be put more mildly and respectfully, the man would approach the woman and act a movie for a while and then disappear.

“If you do this, may you never have another orgasm in your life” – sherry ShayD

Its a tough situation because most of us females will feel disrespected but at least you know you are not being led on.

I have been approached by this method twice, even though  i found it a little crazy, i gave the guy thumbs up for saying these exact words

“I just want you for one night, i can pay for an executive suite, treat you real good but all i want to do is have sex with you”

At the time i was still a virgin and did not even consider it, looking back now, I admired his courage for being direct from the beginning, it gave me the choice to say “yes” or “no”, not being led like a sacrificial lamb to the altar.

The second guy put it like this “I want to blow your back out”. I read the text message and laughed, I simply replied. “While you are thinking of blowing my back out, i would need my legs to walk around at work tomorrow.” I may have considered it, but blowing my back out made me think i would go to walk with either a limp or bowlegged.

What are your thoughts?



  1. The second guy you described I have to give him props because he got some confidence and I definitely like you reponse to that “While you are thinking of blowing my back out, i would need my legs to walk around at work tomorrow.”liked your reponse.
    If a guy just want sex but is respectful and ask you in a respectful way then I see nothing wrong.
    When a guy says it like ” when u gonna let me fuck” or ” when u gonna suck my dick” then that’s disrespectful. It’s all about the approach.

    Men will lie and do whatever by any means neccessary to get pussy. Me personally no need to do that because you can always pay for it lol

    Now I honestly not 100% why men lie to get sex and I’m sure most of us don’t know the whole reason why, but I do think with some females they don’t wanna give up the pussy to a guy that’s not willing to work for it or put no effort so because of this I think that’s why men lie to make her think she cares and to show her that he willing to work for it until he get it then switch up.
    I think men feel if they are straight forward from the beginning then they will get turned down from the jump.

    But I realize females want sex just as much as guys do so I believe if the guy is respectful, mature, and not gonna be telling everbody “I’m hitting that” then I see nothing wrong with him just wanting sex.
    This was an interesting post btw

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  2. Comes down to the screwed up mating ritual humans have been trying to perfect since the beginning of time. It is the same reason the term “got game” became some popular in relationship to dating.

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