Its been 34 years after the first case of HIV was diagnosed and there is no cure.

In the world today about 37.8 million people are living with the disease.

Sub Saharan Africa has the largest amount of people living with AIDS which is estimated to be amount 29.4 million people.

It has reduced life expectancy at a horrendous rate.


It is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is found in humans. It multiplies in any environment and when it enters the body, it weakens the system and remains there forever, this retrovirus is the cause of AIDS. HIV attacks the white blood cells which recognize bacteria in the body.

AIDS is called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a disease that is acquired which does a lot of harm to the immune system by wasting it after making it very weak.

HIV infection occurs through


2 Semen and Vaginal Fluids.

3.Breast Milk

4.Amniotic Fluids

5. Cerebrospinal Fluids

The virus needs a large concentration to cause infection.

High Risk Fluids: Blood, semen, Vaginal Fluids, Menstrual Blood, Breast Milk

No Risk: Sweat, Saliva, Tears, Skin Oil, Urine

No Exchange: Cerebrospinal Fluids, Amniotic Fluids.

It can be transmitted

  1. Through an infected person having unprotected sex.
  2. Blood transfusion of infected blood
  3. Infection from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding

HIV is not transmitted

  1. Shaking hands, hugging, kissing
  2. Sharing technological equipment
  3. Sharing utensils
  4. Sharing bathrooms
  5. Sneezing or coughing
  6. Working with a HIV patient

Know your Status.

Always play safe.

INFO: Paramjit Sharma: Basic Information on HIV AIDS


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