Thanksgiving was last week and i guess everyone was thankful for something in the least.

I guess i am thankful for being alive and its the beginning of a new week.

The cycle starts all over again.

2017 for me was a struggle, a huge challenge, many lessons learned with a whole lot of losses.

It started in January when my boyfriend left me and my room mate moved out. I crashed emotionally and financially . Every month afterwards was a challenge.

 I wrote a new book and started a catering business in February. Every weekend since early March,I had a catering gig up until October when things slowed down which i believe is a good thing, time to create more ideas for my business.

In August, I had a death in the family, no member of my family has passed away in the last twenty eight years, my family bid grand ma farewell at over a hundred years.

I got a second job in September and i guess its been a slow cruise up from there.

While a lot are thankful in so many ways, I am thankful for the lessons I have learned. It has been the year of the L for me. I am in recovery mode, learning lessons and making better choices while keeping myself together spiritually, physically,mentally and emotionally.

I learned that.

  1. You are the most important person in your life.
  2. Financial security is very important. Cash is King. ( I am paying off my credit cards and some late payments have dropped my credit score)
  3. Everyone is not your friend. You can’t trust everyone.
  4. Alone time is one of the best therapy, read a book, shop, walks, naps. Spend time with yourself.
  5. Also spend time with friends, travel and do fun stuff locally too.
  6. Remove high functioning negative people from your life, their energy can drain you quickly.
  7. As important as family is, you don’t have to love them, we can choose our friends but we cannot choose our family, this premise makes it kind of compulsory to love them, certain events in my life has decided that it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you live life knowing that most of the things you have may be taken away from you at any given time, you will be more thankful. The losses I had this year made me more aware of that.



  1. This was interesting to read.

    I won’t call it the year of the L. You had to learn all those in order to glide through life much easily going forward.
    Life has such a way of turning our Ls into wins that we end up being grateful for the Ls.

    However, I only retained one thing…. You must be a great cook 😆



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