Hello Trybe,

Its the end of the month and this weekend is about to be a blast!!

It was hot and popping yesterday when i went to watch “Girl’s Trip”.

If you haven’t seen it, please do so, you are guaranteed to laugh till you want to pee.

So there was a part in the movie where Dina was telling her friend how to give fellatio with grapefruit.

That part was so funny, i literaly cried, my mascara ran all over my face.

Who has ever given fellatio with fruit?

What did it feel like?

I want to try it with my man *hides faces*

I heard about the juice dripping into the urethra and burning him when he trieds to pee. Maybe i should use a different fruit with succulent juice. How does fruit or food work during sex? The closest i have tried is whipped cream and the fellow was more woried about his bedsheets than enjoying the moment.

When i do it, i will post my experience.