Hello Trybe,

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day.

I coooked all day for my mom and spent time with family. I guess that was good enough.

So today i will be writing about regrets.

I usually don’t like regrets because i actually learn form my disappointments but i will take time to talk about the things i regret. The only reason why people have regrets is that we have expectations but it all leads to disappointments.

  1. Being too nice to people: Do you have people that ypu are too nice to for no reason, they don’t treat you the same way that you treat them but you take time out to be extra nice to them, you lend them money, you offer to buy them gas,lunch, movie tickets or whatever,watch their kids,  pretty much do things even when it is not convenient. I have!!! I dont want to say the extent ot which i have beemm a philantropist or how much i have been nice to people but believe it or not, i REGRET IT. I had an inicdnet about two weeks ago which made be believe that whether you are nice to people or not, if they are going to be unappreciative they will, so the lesson learned here is stick the basics, treat people the way they treat you. When you do so, you lower the risk of being and feeling disappointed.
  2.  Dating Certain people : When i mean certain people, i mean the ones with RED FLAGS. The type of people you would normally not want to associate with, you know that person is not good for you so in your mind you want to change the person, so the person falls into your dating pool with a few quirks here and there and because you “think you are in love with them” you choose to accept them until they really start acting like the flags you were supposed to not have accepted in the first place. It is a waste of time, money and emotions that could be invested into other things that would reap positive benefits. I have stayed in relationships longer than i should have when i could have just taken the L and moved on.
  3. Not going to Medical School: After my first degree, i played with the thought of going to Medical School as well as the man other issues i had at a point in my life. Even with the time i spent dilly dallying, i should have gone to Med School, i would be graduating by now or would have graduated if i started earlier, but on the other hand , maybe Med School was not for me , i probably wanted to do it because my parents wanted me to be a doctor.

Share your regrets. I would love to read them!!



  1. My biggest regret was moving out of state to be with a man who i thought was going to marry me. Left a higher paying job and a beautiful apartment all to be with a scum bag for eighteen months. You cant get that time back. Ever!!!!



  2. I regret having a child with my ex. Everytime i look at the child i realize why the thought of her father was a bad idea. I love my daughter anyway she is a brilliant third grader.



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