I haven’t posted anything in about a week

Also Welcome to the Month of May.

Anyway nothing new has been happening except the weather is hot and more money needs to be made. But first i have something to say.

I was talking to a chic today who was telling me how her boyfriend told her about her exes, he told her the girls he had slept with , in her exact words,

He tells me everything

I was speechless.

There are many things i can gossip with my man about, the weather, drinks we had last night, where we wnet last week, the chic at work who wont give me a break, the crazy dance my dad did at the famiy reunion, those sort of things. And she got defensive real quick too. Girl i was laughing in several languages in my head.

“One thing you dont know about _____,He tells me who he is messing with, who he has messed with, he tells me everything.”

I just replayed that part in my head

Drops Mic

Cracking Up.

So if he has been messing with these people while you are somewhere else nursing and taking care of your kid together does that even sound appropriate.

Straight up deluded.

If he tells you everything, why are you not preference, why are you not top priority? He should be having sex with you not those other women. He keeps adding to the list, adding a new number 44….45… 46….Why are you not the chosen one? He tells you about the sex escapades and the women he messed with over a glass of wine or on the phone and you think he is giving you tea, you are his bestie, his road dawg for life. That’s first class poison about to become an overdose.

I actually think it is disrespectful for a man to sit and tell his “current or prospective” about the crazy affairs he has had or women he messed with except he is using it as a reference point on conversation.

It is straight up disrespectful to put a face to the women who made you have an orgasm in bed and then parted ways with them. The gossip might be a bonding tool, but it is not love.

This type of man will continue to brag about his exes and tell the current how their exes still want them and they assure you there is nothing to worry about.

If he has to tell you everything, let him tell you everything that matters and that will also last, let his actions match his words, not just constructing sentencs and telling you things that you need to hear and meanwhile acting differently.

A man who has respect for a woman will pick and choose what to tell her that is important, things like how to build a healthy relationship, finances, vacations, investments not keeping a list of where he opens the fly of his pants or the number of chics he has slept with.



  1. Amen to that like seriously.
    A man never tells you everything
    He only tells you what you need to know
    And if you want to know his previous sex partners and his body count thats on you.
    That knowledge is not as important as his credit score so it makes her priority level screwed.



  2. Please who is thia chic?

    Did she say it with a straight face?

    I get the fact that some chics try to bond with their men as best friends but this is messy. Even if he tells me I will refuse to hear it.
    He may try to sound honest but that is very inconsequential
    He sounds like a narcissist to me.

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  3. Being a gentleman
    I believe most couples have their ways of bonding
    If she actually knows every chic her man has been with its a blessing and more of a curse.
    I wont put faces to these women, you never know what her level of insecurity is. She will always have the need to question those relationships no matter what.
    I told my gf about one of my exes who i happened to be very close to, she knew my family and all, one day i realized gf held some form of resentment towards her, even though my ex has moved on and has her own bf.
    Its a funny sitiation.
    If his body count is too high, she needs to be careful.



  4. Girl you havent posted in a few
    I have missed you

    Did she really say that?
    No man tells everything
    They have to have a secret of some sort
    I dont tell my man everything
    It comes back to bite you eventually.
    It certainly does especially when everything is all peaceful and beautiful ,the devil will show up wearing Prada and bring that “bond gossip” back, then it becomes a curse. Like why did i tell him.

    Good one my darling.

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  5. Oh my goodness
    This post just gave me life

    You dont kiss and tell
    No waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

    He is a punk for that
    I am covering my face here at work
    She sounds naive
    Poor thing, i wonder what he has told other chics about her
    She should not say such things. CONFIDENTLY

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