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It started with the phonecall, the voicemail, the text all in that order.

You got my contact info from a friend and the chase began

You checked on me on your breaks at work, you sent me text messages

We talked for hours, opened up to each other, shread secrets, joys, sadness

The list goes on, we became a part of each others lives

I accepted your burdens, your baggage, your past, your vulnerabilites, your insecurities but mine was a sight for sore eyes.

Only to wake up on a Friday morning to realize the whole thing was over.

I wanted you to realize that i wanted to be there for you like no other

I wanted to take care of you when you were ill

I wanted to grow with you

Then i realized maybe we didnt want the same things,

Maybe i was not worth hanging onto in time of difficulty

Maybe i was not the definition of the women you wanted to spend your lie with even when that was what you said. Actions speak louder than words,

The “maybes” are your problem not mine.

There is no need to hang around because you have picked another, and another


I chose to love you

I made the commitment to love you but you faltered

You looked for reasons to leave

I love myself

People love me unconditionally and i find comfort in that knowledge

I am worthy of someone who loves me wholly and completely

I am also worthy of getting unconditional love because it is something i am willing to give.

To anyone reading this, self love is utmost. You are the best thing that will ever happen to someone in your future and dont ever think for one second that you are not good enough.


8 thoughts on “AN OPEN LETTER TO MY EX

  1. He didnt deserve you. I am glad that you love yourself. The knowledge of that alone is powerful. A much better man will come.


  2. Well my darling honey, that is his loss big time.
    You are an awesome being and your intentions are always on point.
    The giver of your wedding ring will be the luckiest man alive. He is coming and your wedding is about to be a turn up.


  3. As a guy, it hurts to read things like this but the break up was probably all for the best. Everyone is not cut out to ride with you on your journey.
    Go on that journey with the best man ever. You deserve it . Cheers


  4. Some people dont realize your value until you are gone. Save your time and resources for someone who is worthy of what you have to offer.

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