I sat up in bed all of a sudden trying to figure out what or who was making the noise. I heard movement inside the house, someone was in the house, I was hearing footsteps. Was it a burglar or an intruder, who could it possibly be, my boyfriend and I were the only two people who had keys to the house and he was out of state for work, I just spoke with him a few hours ago and he didn’t seem to be anywhere around. I nervously got out of bed. I needed a weapon, I could not hold a gun not to even talk of wielding a knife, I had a taser and mace in my purse. My purse was on the carpet by my bedside table. I picked up my purse from the floor and opened it to take the mace and taser out. I heard the footsteps again, a door opened and then closed. My heart skipped a beat, I began to wonder what room the intruder went into, I began to ask myself if it was a good idea to confront the intruder or call the police. I decided to go and face the intruder myself hopefully whoever it was would be caught unawares, I opened the door which was already slightly ajar and tiptoed, the light in the living room and the kitchen was on. A lady was standing by the fridge staring at the picture I had taken with my boyfriend on our last cruise. She left her Michael Kors purse on the kitchen table, she seemed to be well dressed and her perfume smelled really good. She probably felt my presence and turned around to look at me.



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