He usually narrated the happenings of the previous night and I would listen in disbelief as he would recount things I would not even do when I am in my right senses. I had to change. I finally decided to watch comedy. I picked Cedric the Entertainer. I decided to go and get a glass of wine. Reluctantly I got out of bed and went to fridge to get the opened bottle of Stella Rosa I drank two nights ago, I opened the cabinet and got out a wine glass. I opened the contents and poured the wine into the glass. I put the bottle back in the fridge and picked up the glass with my right hand and went back into my bedroom. I set the glass on the night stand and got into the bed. I played the movie and began my Friday night in bed.

I opened my eyes and looked at the digital clock on my bedside table. I don’t remember what time it was when I drifted into sleep. It was 3 am. There was a calm breeze which blew softly, I realized I left the window open. I didn’t want to get up to go and close it, but even then I could not recall opening the window. That was strange. I shut my eyes and tried to sleep when I heard a noise.


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