I am not about to start that kind of life this year, my girl friends had no spending and also no drinking limits, I had resolved to taking a break from the kind of life that either leaves me broke or pushed out from a bar or night club in a wheel chair. In three months, I would turn thirty one and I had to really become about that adult life. I got into my bed and grabbed the remote control which was tucked in between my pillows. I decided to watch a movie on Netflix, I began to use my remote control to scroll through the recommendations, I also had to decide between comedy and drama. My phone began buzzing, it was my boyfriend who was out of town for work.

ME: Hey

HIM: Hey, what’s up, I haven’t heard from you all day.

ME: Sorry about that, I have had a busy day.

HIM: Same here, where are you?

ME:  I am at home in bed

HIM: You are not out with the girls?

I rolled my eyes, even Lawrence knew that on a Friday night, I would be out with my girls especially when he was not in town. Some nights I would drunk text or dial him all emotional or just plain telling me to come and take me home, by morning I would have forgotten about what happened the previous night and I would be filled with shame


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