I decided to call it a night at 10pm. I put on my pajamas and hair net, I took my ear rings off, wiped my make up off and at that point decided to wash my face, I decided to give it a good scrub with the facial scrub I had purchased from my co worker who was trying to make some side money to substitute her paycheck and also the child support check from her estranged husband. It was five dollars and she assured me that the ingredients which included coconut oil, honey, kefir, oatmeal , sea salt and sugar would do wonders for my skin. She had great skin but I was not sure if it was the ingredients she mixed up or if she was secretly using Lancôme or Estee Lauder.

On a Friday evening I was bound to go out with my girls just as I had planned to earlier on this evening when on the way home I checked my bank balance only to realize I had less than five hundred dollars. It was the middle of the month and I had to wait for sixteen days to get my salary. I had bills to pay and living on less than five hundred dollars a little over two weeks to the next paycheck would restrict my spending to an average of forty dollars a day


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