Wohoo its 2017.

2016 was an amazing year for me and it ended on an excellent note

I got a new job, i bought a brand new car and i also got a brand new boyfriend…..

So 2017 started with all things new and i am so happy.

Its the darling month of January and all things are new and awesome.

I must confess i ate a lot of junk during Thanksgiving and the holidays and now its time to flush.

I am ashamed to say i also gained some weight back which i am ready to lose.

I am going to do a 21 day detox.

I did a 9 day detox last year.

How am i going to cope for 21 days

Easy. Just think about the amazing health benefits, losing weight, looking great and getting compliments from your friends and enemies likewise.



Here is the list of foods i would eat during my detox

1.Fruits and veggies

2. Steel cut oats

3. Boiled eggs

4. Black beans

5. Quinoa

6. Tofu

7. Greek Yogurt

8. Tuna

9. Chicken breasts

10. Sweet potatoes

11. Brown rice


No sugars, breads or red meat.

I will keep you posted on my progress.


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