1. There is still racism in America regardless of how you look at it. The fear of living with other races and also the knowledge that one race is superior to another race is real and scary.

  2. You can be anything you want to be, do not let anyone else tell you otherwise, everyone thought that Donald Trump would lose , and also lose badly but he won, and the winning was HUGE!! Some people may not have faith in you but you need to have faith in yourself first, i don’t even think Trump believed he would win the election.

  3. Hilary lost the election but she accepted it graciously even though it is a hard and bitter pill to swallow. She fought hard and was determined, she never gave up hope and also inspired other young girls to always work hard.

  4. Americans are clueless about the battle they are fighting, most of them didn’t even vote during the election, so that means fifty percent of American citizens voted so the rest of the population complaining about the outcome of the election should not complain.

  5. Trump may not be a bad president after all, he just probably barks but wont bite but i believe he made all his comments during the campaign to clinch the ticket.


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