I just finished reading an awesome

book called China Rich Girlfriend.

It is the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians.

You can read them individually but because the story continues in China Rich Girlfriend, it would be advisable to read the first book.

I would classify it as drama, it talks about opulent Asians, how they live, spend their money and what they are worth. It also shows how they are seen in the eyes of different classes of people. In this book alone, i have read about characters with Hermes bags and a Ferrari.One of the characters also bid a painting for eighty million, in real life who would do that?  Flying from Shanghai to Paris in a private jet.The elites.

It is a well written story even though i love the prequel. I  love the drama, the family fights, the affairs and the quest for more wealth and fame. It is a reality show put in a novel and you would thoroughly enjoy it. A great indoor read.


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