I am still on my weight loss program, once you establish a plan and go at it for twenty one days, it becomes a habit.

In the course of the detox, i ate a lot of fruit which not only helped me detox my liver, it kept me full, made my skin glow and i lost a pound everyday with little or no workout, just regular physical activity.

Here are the benefits of eating fruit

  1. I guarantee you , you will lose a pound everyday.
  2. It detoxifies your system
  3. You have clearer skin
  4. It will boost your metabolism, i noticed on the days i ate mostly fruit, i woke up energized and in a really good mood. I had a “fruitgasm”
  5.  Reduce your cholesterol
  6. Fruits aid digestion
  7. Prevents certain cancers
  8.  Prevents infections by helping to build resistance
  9. Improves heart health

It is a good thing to add some fruit to your diet, watermelon is great to help lose weight, it is full of water and has about forty six calories, eve if you eat twenty water melons, it is less than breakfast, morning and evening calories put together.

If you have bad cholesterol, try to do a fruit fast, eat mostly fruit for two weeks and go back for your blood work, you will see a huge difference.

Eat fruit.

What do you have to lose?





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