Hello darling…

We haven’t met yet or probably we have but you are playing.

We are going to be lovers and friends forever.

I am going to love you forever

I am not perfect but I am awesome

I am your confidant, counsellor and chef.

Your secrets are safe with me

I will correct you and not judge you and your meals will be sizzling and delicious

I am your ride or die chick

I promise to always be there for you

I promise to respect you and show you unconditional love

Once in a while I may get mad at you,wait till the fuse blows out and I am back in business

I want to have gorgeous babies with you

I want to raise awesome kids with you, loving ,caring and ambitious children. 

Let’s teach the children to respect people, to appreciate money and to love life.

I want to begin awesome projects and finish them

Lets travel the world and build memories not just pictures

Let’s share a faith and believe in a higher being and also teach our children that.

I don’t know where the road in our marriage will lead to, what paths, the highs, the lows but as partners let’s share it together, through health, through wealth, we don’t want to be sick neither do we want to be poor so let’s work towards being healthy and being content with our earnings and probably a little more

When we start getting an old and gray, all we would have is each other so by then let’s sit in our rocking chairs every morning with a cup of tea and laugh, laugh at our beautiful lives with or without our teeth when we are in our nineties.

Let’s do forever together



  1. An open letter to my future wife

    Yes, I want us to start projects and finish them.
    I want us to impact lives
    I want us to bring new innovations
    I want us to take the gospel to the ends of the world
    I want us to be the best parents to our unborn kids
    I want us to be loving and have always the mindset of Christ
    I want us to continually walk in the way of truth
    I want us to help the needy
    I want us to be inspiration to many
    But more importantly I want us to remain us and fulfill divine destiny.



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