I looked at the mirror the other day and was very disgusted by how much weight i have gained. It is ridiculous and it needs to go. I was not so keen on going on a diet because i had no one to hold me accountable until i talked to my coworker who was thinking the same thing.

Bam!!!! A new idea brewed and we decided to hold each other accountable, we spread the word, now there are five of us about to do this.

It is a 90 day diet where the first 9 days is detox with fruits, vegetables and a few other things. You are guaranteed to lose at least 9lbs in those 9 days, then you start building other foods into it as time goes. I did it about seven years ago and it worked. Now I am doing it again.

Here is the book i will be reading with the other girls Fat Smash Diet. It starts on Monday and i will be sharing pictures and personal experiences. Stay tuned


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