I love making little  snacks like this to eat, when people have parties they request me to make one thing or another like meatpie,  sausage rolls or something, scotch eggs are relatively easy for me to make and i will share how i make mine


All purpose flour is good, and i use it first in the process.

Hard boiled eggs

The eggs should be hard boiled, it should be cooked for about twenty minutes so that the yolk would be tough and not crumble or form  a molten mess.

Two eggs ,should be whisked

Two eggs or more ahould be brokern into a bowl and whisked, this acts as a binding agent.

Bread crumbs

This is the outer wrapping of the eggs.


I actually prefer Jimmy Deans sausage to this but it relatively serves the same purpose. This is the second main ingredient.


I prefer frying the scotch eggs to baking but, if you are not a fan of frying , you can bake in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Here is the tutorial