Have you ever tried to do anything on CRAIGSLIST like buy, sell, get a gig or something?

Be very careful.I have had good breaks with Craigslist don’t get me wrong, I sold my car, got another car, sold a couch, and other stuff.

I am in the process of renting out my brother’s room to reduce my expenses and two scammers have contacted me.

The first one was a little too eager to pay on time. I mean that is what we all want, someone who is ready to take the room and also pay immediately but being a foreigner like she claimed she missed a lot of steps and i am pretry good at hunting things down..first of all she used two different  emails to contact me,  so i got a little suspicious, here are my other reasons

1. I live in a small town, most foreigners would pick a room close to the city and with access to transport

2. She kept talking about her car, where she would park, either on the street or in the car port

3. The address she gave for the newspaper she worked was the address of a regular house in Edinburgh

After the last email. I told her to skype me so she could view the house and I would get to see her. I never got a response.
Then today I got another email from another scammer
 At this point I knew not to respond. The end of both emails were very similar.
How do I know that they are scammers?

They are so quick to want to pay without even viewing the house. Once the buyer is not local honey, you are most definitely getting scammed

They both wanted to pay with a Money order or cashier check which would most likely be fake. I am not going to go through  the hassle of not having something direct.
I love to stick to my guts and also use logic. We all need to be careful.


One Comment

  1. Hahahaha, things like this are way too far from this generation. People have woken up and the youths should find something to do instead of thinking scamming online is the best option.

    Well this shows that Satan is sitting on some people’s head.

    All they need is JESUS



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