I guess i was born eating periwinkles (isam). It just comes natural for me. There are certain soups that have to have periwinkle in them or else it is just not complete. For over a decade, i have actually adapted to eating those soups without periwinkle or substituting them with apple snails from the Chinese store.

Three years ago, i went to Atlanta for the first time and i stumbled into the African store, it became a candy store when i found “Periwinkles” as in, like seriously.I had to stock up, so i proceeded in taking about six bags which cost me thirty bucks, my soup game had just gotten better. Last year, i went to Atlanta again for a wedding and i went back to the same store, the owner still remembered me and there again i proceeded to picking up a whole lot more. Shit was about to hit the fan when i got to the airport and had excess luggage from the food i bought in the store and some of the gift favors from the wedding. I still can’t figure out how i reduced a 77 lb luggage to a 50 lb , ten minutes before my flight, i ended up with about 20 lbs in hand luggage because there was no way  i was going to give up my periwinkles and “buka” food. I swear i developed arm muscles because of my excess luggage   but it was worth it.

Four hours later, the periwinkles made it to San Francisco and ultimately into my freezer.

A few months later after four pots of edikaikong,two pots oha soup and three pots of afang soup, the ‘Periwinkle hype’ came to an end. Now i am craving it like an addict please i will tell God to bless you first before i ask, if you know how you can send me some periwinkles, frozen and fresh, i will pay for the periwinkles, your time and shipping, NOTE THE THREE OH. I will award you the contract. I live in San Francisco Bay Area where a bag of periwinkles is pretty non existent.

Isam – the native name for periwinkles.


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