This is one thing i have been trying to rant on for quite sometime.
Is it me or some people find it convenient to just give out someone’s cell number or BB Pin without asking them?

So i met this dude at a party one time. For starters i wasn’t feeling him in the sense that i just saw him as part of the mix in the crowd, I was 99.1% sure that i wouldn’t see him again after the party. I think he was trying to strike a conversation and i made a rude comment, you know those kind of comments when you replay the convo in your head one would  assume that he would not talk to me after that, but guess what when he was leaving he came to say goodbye and the following morning. I got a BB request. It was him.

One of the Judas’s called “a friend” gave him my PIN.

Okay i am sure you are like “it shouldn’t be a big deal”
Maybe it isn’t, some hunters make sure they go for the kill and won’t rest till the get it, my “friend” just handed me like prey.And not only that she downloaded “gist” about me like, the guy already thought he knew who i was before getting my PIN.

This is a personal issue. I really have a problem with people giving out my cell number or BB Pin or any personal info without contacting me first. If i were in my friend’s shoes, i wouldn’t mind telling/asking the BB pin owner or cell owner as in “She asked for you number is it okay if i gave it to her?” Yes or no would work. Unless your cell number has been on a flyer, is standard on a website or published as a business point of contact i won’t give it out. You won’t hear ” I got your number from Lola”. Trust me you would have gotten a text first or i would have called you.

It is the same chic who gave out my PIN that is now lamenting out of self pity that she introduced the guy to me, maybe if she had asked me what had ensued between the guy and myself before giving out my PIN, she would have been in a better position to judge.Nothing ensued, he didnt leave a good impression that made me ask for more. We dated for a while…………………..
Anyway what are your thoughts.
I really want to know.


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