April is spring cleaning month where you detox anything that is not useful to you, for me it includes things and people. Why people? You would ask. I tend to go through a time when i think about what is important and also what is best for me. We all have that stage in life when and where we meet people and start accumulating them, we don’t get to find out if they are useful to us in the long run. It is just like going on Facebook and see someone you added in 2008 and you still haven’t gone beyond adding each other so what is the point, you cant even remember the last time you had a phone conversation not to talk of sending a message.

I have certified a “Hoarder” by one of my high school classmates who came to spend the summer with me about 3 years ago. Three years later i opened my overflowing closet filled with clothes and stuff i have accumulated over the years, some of which i have not worn more than twice or so to be honest. There are some outfits that i have worn to Heaven and back but some just occupy space. I got a big box and started sorting, it filled the box to the brim. I started with shoes last week. What more is there to declutter?

  1. That ex boyfriend or girl friend. Please throw the memories away. If you delete shared media and messages you will have more than half of the space on your phone recovered.
  2. Those receipts that you intend to keep to show proof of purchase, please throw away if it is no longer necessary
  3. Most beauty products once opened and used should be good for 6 months, that lipstick from last year and 7 months can go now, foundations, mascara, are very good offenders.
  4. Underwear is good for six months, that’s my moms rule and then you throw them away, there is a reason why Victoria secrets has a big sale twice a year. It is time to replace your underwear.
  5. Expired food is a big offender in my fridge, mozzarella cheese, almond milk and the likes, i do use some items past their expiration date but after three months, please throw away.
  6. Watches that no longer work, broken and cannot be fixed, please do the watches a favor and let them go.
  7.  Old nail polish, i have a gazillion of them lying around, used once ,twice and then dried, i don’t get it, why? well dried up and old nail polish would have to go.
  8. Invitations: Weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, birthday parties, they all have to go, i know some people are creative with the invitations that you are so tempted to keep them for keepsake but it adds no value to your space. Let them go.
  9. Go through your emails and delete old mail.I just checked mine i have 3605 emails all the way from 2010.
  10. Old computers, laptops with old operating systems that have viruses and crash, CDS. Lol.

What else can you possibly think of?



  1. Hi,

    Lol @ Certified hoarder,

    I have hoarding traits too, there are things that I attach sentimental value to and find it hard to throw away, even when they’ve stopped being useful. Indeed de-cluttering applies to people too, there are times when we outgrow people and move on for good reasons.

    I have a funny habit of not throwing away hopelessly ruined dead shoes immediately, because I still hope that the cobbler will be able to perform a resurrection miracle. 😀



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