Sometimes, one needs to reflect back on their life to see why they keep meeting trashy people,i would always say making “rubbish friends. These are the type of people that don’t bring “peace of mind.” Apart from that you become those people.

You realize you are such a great person but you keep feeling remorseful over the type of friends you have been making and probably keeping. Certain types of drama keeps recurring.


Let’s figure out what is going on.

Trashy people have a tendency to be toxic and such people love being friends with people who cannot say “no” to other people, they always feel the need to please people. The need to be relevant among their friends and family members would always keep you running into trashy people. The idea of being relevant is more detrimental to you rather than the trash that you attract.

For instance, you have to be at work by 6 am on Saturday morning, you know for a fact that at midnight, you need to be in bed but you decide to kick it with your “cool” friends so as not to offend them and you end up getting home at 3 am and sleeping with one eye open, waking up at 5am and chugging a cup of Starbucks to work at 6 am and being partially productive for the eight hour shift. This means you have no boundaries.

If you always have a boundary problem, you will keep attracting toxic people. Once you are able to tell your friend no, or refuse to oblige, then you fall out of favor with the person, it’s a good thing, they need to go but most importantly you need to draw up boundaries. Self discipline is priceless.

Learn to say “No”. You wont die.


You would lose people who are truly not meant to be in your life.

Loyalty is also a major factor. It is very important to figure out who you want to be loyal to.

Does your loyalty come with a price?

Would your loyalty be reciprocated?

Can you call on such a person when you need them?

If you answer “no” to more than one of these questions, then you need to check what and who you are loyal to and why you are loyal to them?

Guilt trips are also used by trashy people to make you feel bad so that they can get you to do what you want.

Sometimes you cannot make an event they invite you to or cannot help them babysit their child or borrow them the money they need because it will also inconvenience you, they put you on a guilt trip and then you instantly feel bad and then ultimately change your mind so as not to offend them.

I am telling you now please “OFFEND THEM” if it will cost you, your peace of mind and comfort, do it.

Trashy people also love insecure people, people who don’t know their worth, they could be beautiful, gifted, talented and still feel worthless, a trashy person will out of jealousy want to stay close to the person in order to control them and ultimately destroy them.

Do you see yourself as any of the above mentioned people?

Then it means you have tendencies of attracting trash. You need to re evaluate yourself.`


Quinoa with broccoli and shrimp stir fry

Quinoa is one of the newest things on my plate.

These days I go to the grocery store and buy superfoods and keep them. When it’s time to make a meal, I just try to pair them.

Some of the essential amino acids in quinoa are:

Lysine: tissue and growth repair

Valine: muscle coordination

Leucine: muscle mass building and maintenance

It is rich in protein on its entirety

I boiled it in water and salt for about ten minutes

The shrimp and broccoli stir fry was pretty simple


1 Red bell pepper

1 Yellow bell pepper

1 Green bell pepper

1 Onion

1 lb of Shrimp

2 florets of Broccoli

Coconut oil




I always like to steam the broccoli separately

I put a lil bit of coconut oil in the pan and put some garlic and allow to sizzle a bit.

I add the broccoli and then some ginger.

I add some water and cover the pot with a lid and allow to steam for three minutes

For the stir fry , I devein the shrimp and marinade.

I add onions, the bell peppers and a bit of salt and bouillon cubes and allow to sauté. I add the shrimp and finally the broccoli and heat up for a minute .


A delicious meal.


Today is World Sickle Cell Day.

June 19th is celebrated World wide as Sickle Cell Day.

It is still an affliction to almost two million carriers of the disease which can be managed or avoided at all costs.

Sickle cell is a red blood disorder. It is a trait that is passed down from parents to offspring. It produces an abnormal hemoglobin.

Normal blood cells have a round shape like a compact disc or a donut. The sickle cell is shaped like a half moon or it is crescent shaped.

Normal blood cells have blood flowing from the limbs to other organs while sickle cell has blood flow restrictions from the blood vessels to other organs.

Normal red blood cells have a lifespan of 120 days while sickle cell has a life span of 10-20 days. It is a disease that the patient is born with.

Most carriers are people from Africa, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South America.

Sickle cell anemia is when the blood plasma has broken down by mucous into a sickle cell. Mucous sinks into the plasma into the cell itself, breaks and disunites the cell. Removing the mucous the cell unites again. To maintain that level. You have to feed the patient large doses of iron phosphate,not ferrous oxide- Dr Sebi


1. Pomegranate

2. Fenugreek

3. Whole Grains

4. Tomatoes

5. Spinach

6. Livers

7. Beetroot and Apple juice

8. Dates

9. Nuts

10. Legumes

11. Banana


1. Fatigue and Weakness

2. Shortness of breath

3. Fever symptoms

4. Jaundice

5. Stomach pains which induce nausea and vomiting.

6. Sight problems

7. Pain in joints and bones


The thing about losing weight is that eating is very selective.

I decided to play with superfoods and make delicious meals from them.

This morning I went to the grocery store and found some catfish and that was wear the idea of this breakfast came about.

I made poached eggs, lightly steamed broccoli and air fried catfish.


Hey everyone.

I am going to share my morning juice with you.

I have been reading so much about cleaning the gut and how effective it is.

Diets work when the gut is cleanse out first. It will be easier to lose weight because the colon is not clogged up. When the body is clogged up with all sorts of toxins, instead of burning energy, the body begins to try to detoxify and burning calories becomes a chore. It also resolves diseases that affects patients.

The green juice is helpful in weight loss, it allows for better sleep and increases energy levels. Most importantly, it aids in digestion and eliminates bloating.

Here are my ingredients;

Kale: Full of Vitamins A, C and K. Reduces the risk of breast, colon, bladder, prostate and ovarian cancer.

Spinach: Tastes mild, Full of Vitamins A, C,E and K. It is one of the most common green juice recipe.

Ginger: A very medicinal root which is a pain reliever. It prevents ovarian and colon cancer. It reduces flatulence.

Apples: Great to snack on. It prevents high blood pressure,good for weight loss, prevents heart disease and high cholesterol.

Cucumber: Prevents weight gain.

Broccoli: Prevents bladder, colon and lung cancer. It has Vitamin K for strong and healthy bones. It gives skin a health glow and helps with weight loss.

Avocado: This is the best of all my favorite green vegetables, it reduces cholesterol, makes hair shiny and beautiful, lowers the risk of cancer, and regulates blood sugar

Blending the ingredients in a blender with a cup of water will bring out a nice and smooth juice. You can drink it for most part of the day if you want to do a cleanse. It is good enough to fill you up as food during the day.

Blended and bottles in old lemonade bottles.

Try it and let me know what you think.


“Don’t hang in the Sin Saloon, you don’t slink along the dead end road, you don’t go to smart Mouth college.”

Psalm 1: MSG

Choose your circle wisely.

Choose the company you keep wisely.

Bad habits corrupt good character.

If they go out every weekend with no future plans, keep it moving.

Stay with the ones who are winning, especially the ones who show you how to win.

The ones who will celebrate your victories wholeheartedly and not just tolerate you when you walk in the room

Stay with the ones who do not envy you in secret and smile at your face.

Learn to discern . Do not run with chickens when you are meant to soar.


What are superfoods?

Superfoods are foods that have awesome health benefits. These foods have vitamins, healthy fats and antioxidants, Most importantly, they carry the best ingredients the body needs to fully function. In this case, it reduces the risk of having a disease by boosting the immune system.

Adding superfoods to the diet gives you a variety of healthy foods to increase your physical well being.

It gives energy, replenishes cells and also transforms you.

It will make a difference in the wasitline by slimming it.

It will keep you full.

It will make your metabolism faster.

It will make you look younger.

It will give you the inner glow that you desire.

It will prevent cancer and protect your heart.

Here is a lost of some of the superfoods that I shall review on this blog over a few days.




4.Dark leafy grens



7.Green Tea

8. Garlic

9.Olive Oil

10. Avocado





Try these today and see how you feel. Join me as i study these super foods and also implement them in my daily nutrition. Share yours too. I also want to learn from you.


I looked forward to today like any other Father’s Day this year.

But this year, its a little different.

My dad is in the hospital.

He has never spent a Father’s Day anywhere else but with family.

This year, we would be going to spend time with him at the speicalty hospital.

He won’t be able to have fancy dinner with us. He would be eating from his feeding tube,

He won’t be able to try on the new stuff we got for him because he would be confined to the bed with different tubes plugged to his body.

That is why this Father’s day is so difficult.

It’s hard to fathom the man who would take me to school everyday, who would attend all the PTA meetings, the one who would take me to do my hair, the one who would take me to country club and allow me to climb all the trees and pick apples, the one who would take me to the office and allow me to play with the electronic calculator and write on all the notepads till I got bored. The list is endless mehnnnnnn.

It’s hard to fathom that he would be laying helpless in a hospital bed.

This is hard.

But regardless of how hard it is, I am hopeful that he is still alive. He may not be able to speak, but he would grimace and nod in response to our suggested speech.

I love him.

I wish him and all other father’s out there a Happy Father’s Day!!!!


Hey everyone,

My fitfam journey is still going strong and I am still determined to lose 40lbs in about sixty days and keep it off. It’s Day 10 and I am 7lbs down.

I haven’t worked out yet, I am still trying to find a great workout plan that is also fun too.

Tonight I decided to make some salmon. For the first time in my life, I cooked broccoli and it was delicious.

Let me share my recipe.


1 lemon

4 pieces of Salmon




Black Pepper

Olive oil

Marinade the salmon with salt, garlic, paprika, black pepper and olive oil. Squeeze some lime juice on the salmon and leave to marinade for ten minutes. If you have a lot of time, put it in the fridge for two hours.

Put in the air fryer and cook at 375 degrees for ten minutes. It comes out moist and delicious.

For the broccoli

Coconut oil

Broccoli florets

Seasoning cube


Ground onion


Heat up the coconut oil in a pot, put some minced garlic and allow to fry lightly and give it a great smelling fragrance. Put the florets in the pot and allow to put lightly. Add seasoning cubes, salt and ginger . Put half a cup of water and allow to steam for five minutes

Bon appetite !!❤️


Hey everyone,

I have been on a fit fam diet for a week and I have lost about 7lbs.

I am on a journey to lose forty lbs and so far it has been pretty rewarding and good.

Avocado is also one of my latest discoveries and I love it. I hate trying new things and avocado was an effortless try for me.

The health rewards trumps all the things that I am giving up. So for sixty days I am giving up sugars and carbs.

I have a SWEET TOOTH. How will this work? Yes baby girl. It will. It is working.

So here is the recipe for the salad

3 hard boiled eggs

2 avocados

Chicken breast strips

Black pepper

Deshell the hard boiled eggs and slice.

Also slice the avocados into strips.

Lightly fry the chicken breast strips with olive oil. Marinade the strips with salt and black pepper and fry.

Arrange in a nice platter and sprinkle some black pepper to taste.

I made my own dressing with mayonnaise, a drop of Dijon mustard, sour cream and black pepper.

Enjoy your meal.